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Our distribution channels include wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

What can we supply?

Larixmachinery is specialized in offering tools and hardware products since 1980. We can supply cutting tools, hand tools, machines, hardware, and other tool accessories. We’ll help you find the right product.

metal cutting tools

power tools and accessories

Measuring tools and accessories


Machine tool and accessories

Small machinery




Who are our customers

How we control our product?

Raw material

Product quality is begins at the bottom with the selection of raw materials. We have completely guidance on tool development, quality management and quality systems, to improve product quality. A planned set of controls, derived from past experience in current production of product  and process understanding, that ensure process performance and product quality.

Manufacturing processes

There are dozens of professional production and assembly lines, which ensure our entire product series are strictly in accordance with ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS standards.

Inspection in manufacturing

In some cases,many importers found the product unsellable after production is often too late. Re-ordering materials and re-producing would waste 2 months even more time. So inspection should take place earlier not only when the production is finished. We will according to our experience to check the samples on the right time.

Final inspection

We will according to the contact to check the product surface, material and part of the goods. Also we take some photo and video about it to show you the final product. All we do is to ensure our tool conform our customers’ specifications and quality standards.

Package and store

Package is most important thing when you want to deliver something.So try our best to ensure the good not broke during the journey is a smart choice. Larix is the brand that is attention to detail such as using 5 layers of corrugated paper and tray, making wooden frame, using bubble wrap,etc.


We arrange the shipping or you find someone be you freight forwarders. There are four ways deliver our product to our customer’s doorstep:by truck, rail, air or ocean. Choosing the right shipping method, or combination of methods, is vital to export success–you want the product to get there on time and at the lowest cost.

Our services


Personalized customization to meet your various needs. There are many types of OEM, which meet the needs of the public. Professional OEM, good quality.


It's easy to find anything you need for the tool and accessories. We have a product manager to reply you quote and supply your professional service.

Professional solution

We have licensed designer and experienced product manager who is familiar with the local market to customize your product.

Factory price

We offer more valuable services and competitive price for our VIP members. It is our goal to help you purchase products at the right price and suitable for your local market.

Quick response

23 salesman always online at the working day to answer your questions. Different way you can connect with us depends on you like.

Reliable quality

We improve our manufacturing process in order to keep up with the trend. Full inspection system in the whole production process.

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