BT40-FMB22-60 Face Mill Holder

The material:  40CR. The hardness of the handle is 58-60 degrees, the clamping is tight, and the stability is high.
This holder special tool handle for the processing center or CNC machine’s mainly used for clamping the tool holder and the tool in drilling, milling, reaming, tapping.
Standard precision G6.3/12000rpm and precision G2.5/20000rpm are available according to your need.






25,000 RPM



Details about BT40-FMB22-60 Face Mill Holder

BT-FMB type

You can filter the products according to the size you need, if you need a specific size, please contact us.
Model No.L1mmL2mmDmmd1mmK1mmK2mmWeight (kg)
BT30 x FMB16-45451638164.880.85
BT30 x FMB22-45451848224.8100.85
BT30 x FMB27-45452060275.8121.2
BT30 x FMB27-60602060275.8121.35
BT30 x FMB27-1001002060275.8121.35
BT30 x FMB32-45452262326.8141.35
BT40 x FMB22-45451848224.8101.45
BT40 x FMB22-60601848224.8101.7
BT40 x FMB22-1001001848224.8102.2
BT40 x FMB27-45452060275.8121.6
BT40 x FMB27-60602060275.8122
BT40 x FMB27-90902060275.8122.3
BT40 x FMB27-1001002060276.8122.5
BT40 x FMB32- 45452262326.8141.75
BT40 x FMB32-60602262328.3142.1
BT40 x FMB40- 60602578404.8142.8
BT50 x FMB22-45451848224.8104.5
BT50 x FMB22-1001001848224.8105.1
BT50 x FMB27-60602060275.8127
BT50 x FMB27-1001002060275.8128
BT50 x FMB27-1501502060275.8127.5
BT50 x FMB32-60602262326.8149.5
BT50 x FMB32-90902262326.81411
BT50 x FMB40-50502580408.3165.7
BT50 x FMB40-90902580408.3165.8
BT50 x FMB40-1001002580408.3165.2
BT50 x FMB40F-909026110408.3166

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