Graved Chisel 7pcs with a Wooden Hammer

Blade material

60CRV, 65MN

Handle material



Wooden box

Details about Graved Chisel 7pcs with a Wooden Hammer


This wood carving chisel set includes 6 chisels and a wooden hammer. Most of the tools are flat chisels for flat carving and are generally used for knocking and smoothing – perfect for users who want to carve flat surfaces.

LARIX Graved Chisel (2)

Blade material

  • We use high-quality 60CRV and 65MN to maintain the hardness of our blade while keeping good toughness.
  • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability

Handle material

  • We use ashtree for a comfortable grip, and smooth surface of the wood without burrs.

Solid connection

  • The chisel body and handle are precisely attached, making it difficult to slip off and providing a longer service life.
The ring of the shank

This set of items is for basic sharpening only; for precision sharpening you can purchase our sharpening stones, which have different levels of roughness to suit your needs.

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