HSS Conical Drills

  • Taper drills are used for drilling sheet materials and will drill a hole of any size between the smallest and largest hole diameter.
  • Use of a cutting fluid is advisable.

4-12mm, 6-20mm & 6-30mm, other size

Details about HSS Conical Drills

  • 118degree Split point DIN1412C, good centring, little pressure required;
  • with countersink for cavity sealing;
  • CBN fully ground ensure better and sharper cutting edges;
  • Grooves oppened wide to allow chips away out ;
  • Positive cut, standard rake angle;
  • Centered and drilled in one operation;
  • Smooth running
  • Applicable for tube and sheets and thin materials such as steel, non-ferrous and light metals, plastic, wood etc.

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