HSS Single Angle Cutters-shank Type

  • For all dovetail work, production & tool room work
  • Right hand, 45º or 60º
  • Weidon flats, straight tooth.




Details about HSS Single Angle Cutters-shank Type

  • Our End Mills and Milling Cutters are made in superior High Speed Steel and Solid Carbide.
  • Kinds of coatings to meet your different purpose, namely, S-TiN, TiCN, TiCN-MP, TiAlN, TiAlCN and DCL.
  • Products conform to DIN844, DIN327, DIN845, DIN6527, JIS B4211, conatins 2 Flute End Mill, 3 Flute End Mill, 4 Flue End Mill, 6 Flute End Mill, Ball Nose End Mill, Radius Corner End Mill, Roughing End Mill, Taper End Mill, Double-End End Mill, Side and Face Milling Cutter, Metal Slotting Saws, Shell End Mill, T-Slot Cutters, and other customized milling tools for special industry.

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