Red Tool Cart

  • This tool cart is made of high quality steel and environmentally friendly material PVC.
  • Easy to lock/unlock. High quality ball bearing slides make the drawers slide smoothly.
  • We pass the drop test to make sure your package is safe.
  • Good paint job passed the Salt spray test, away from rust.
Overall with casters

705x370x830 mm/27.8×14.6×32.7 in.

Package Size

785x440x425 mm/30.9×17.3×16.7 in.


28.5 Kg


Red & Black

Details about Red Tool Cart

Special design:

  1. Only one drawer can be pulled out at one time
  2. Side accessory tray
  3. Paper rack
  4. Side screwdriver tray
  5. Knock down structure for easy transportation
  6. The top moving parts can easily lock/unlock two drawers by moving in/out.
  7. Special caster structure for quick assembling
  8. 4″X1″ Caster

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