HSS Rail Cutter

  • Made of super tough high speed steel , superiorly-designed geometry for better endurance
  • Supply Φ19.0mm and Φ19.05mm weldon shank
  • Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut railtracks with high strength

25mm, 50mm

Shank type

weldon shank


6.34/5.3*77, 7.98*77, 7.98*103

Matching cutter

(12-17)*25mm, (18-36)*25mm, (18-36)*50mm

Details about HSS Rail Cutter

We choose ultra-fine grain cemented carbide tips and superior High Speed Steel for the rail cutters to achieve excellent wear resistance, toughness, and long life.

  • Special cutting edges geometry according to the rail, 200km/h to over 300km/h. We are always making efforts to increase the technical inputs to enhance the tool performance. Presently, we can achieve over 70 completed holeswhen the working status is favorable.
  • Cutting diameter range from 6mm to 27.5mm (solid type ), and 13.5mm to 36mm with 25 or 50mm D.O.C
  • Materials recommend: HSSAL, M35, or superior tungsten carbide tips upon your request

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