LA-120 Magnetic Drill

  • Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically, or overhead.
  • 3 types of  magnetic drills of LA series
  • Automatic internal cooling system
  • Magnetic adhesion protection
Motor rated power


Load speed

80, 125, 175, 300 rpm

Tool holder


The max cutting depth

100mm ( 4‘’ )

The max diameter of twist drill

42mm ( 1- 11/16" )



Details about LA-120 Magnetic Drill

Rigidity design of magnetic drill machine

  • 2500w high-power motor to meet high-feed drilling conditions.
  • 20000N magnetic base suction. Very high!
  • High tooth ratio gear transmission design, spindle output torque up to 170Nm
  • Adopt MT4 main shaft, can bear more torque.
  • Elastic adjustment function of guide rail, make the force more uniform on cutting tool when drilling.
  • We have different series to meet your need.
  • Please contact us and share with me what kind of magnetic drill you prefer.
  • If you don’t have enough time to browse right now, you can download our PDF.PDF download

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